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The mission of Texas Neighborhood Services is found in its chartered by-laws originally created in 1965 and modified throughout the corporation’s history. The chartered mission is to administer the social programs of the United States, State, Public or Private assignment or award in the various counties applied for and to administer other programs designed to assist citizens in the counties we serve. Texas Neighborhood Services strategically targets this mission with the support of three significant groups in the community; representatives of the low-income, elected officials from the public sector, and business leaders from the private sector. The objective of working with these groups is to seek out, identify, and aid in the elimination of the causes of poverty within the communities served, help people prepare for, find and retain long term employment, and match employers with a quality, job-ready workforce. TNS executes this mission to make the entire community more responsive to the needs and interests of its citizens. This is accomplished by mobilizing available resources and bringing about a greater institutional sensitivity to the individuals being helped while at the same time developing a system of priorities among projects, activities, and areas, as needed, for the most effective and efficient use of resources.